Our version of the thirty shades of pink!

Part 2

There he was again. It was a dark, cool night in the desert. Above him arose a dome filled with a thousand stars, reminding him of the burning desire he once felt and tried to get rid of ever since. Even though they were far away in both time and space, he could never, ever tame this flaming beast within him. The stars rearranged and he saw her face again. As with the fine strokes of a silk pencil her beauty was immortalized in the dim shining dots of light. Judgmental eyes staring at him from the skies. Why couldn’t he have controlled himself? Was it the weakness of his human monkey heart? Will the heart always be at odds with rigorous structure laid down by the monkey mind? Expectations, always these goddamn expectations. As he looked up to the stars, he saw the glowing tears rolling from her cheeks. Flaming pieces of burning stone and metal crashed down from the skies into the cool sand. A blazing piece was coming for him and it’s gonna be a direct hit. As it gets closer his vision illuminates, his skin gets hotter. This is it, now he will find out. Is he a Godlike? Will he be reborn? Rise from the burning ashes of what was once his life, live again as a flaming phoenix in his after-life? Or will this desolate darkness be his last, eternal resting place?

He woke up in a puddle of his own sweat. It was just another dream. Why did he keep having these dreams? Even though she was gone for so long he still couldn’t push her out of his mind. He didn’t know where she was or even what she was right now. Maybe she was teacher; maybe she was married; or God forbid, maybe she wasn’t even alive anymore. Looking back it was clear it was never meant to be, but it’s not that simple, life is not that rational. Like a rare desert rose she had been like a goddess to him but contrary to what they want you to believe in beautiful stories and fairytales, it was not meant to be. For them, there would be no happy ending. They would not live happily ever after because this was not one of those fairytales. This was reality or at least some version of it.

After their connection was torn he could think of nothing else anymore. Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days and days turned into months. He quit his job at the university. It’s an academic’s job to think and thinking was the thing he was trying to avoid the most. Thinking would lead him back to the traitorous path of her shining beauty. Masochistically torturing his own soul.

Instead of being on the forefront of scientific research he withdrew himself to the back of manual labour. He was a very big man with broad shoulders and hands that could move mountains. After he quit his job at the university he started working as a general ‘fix-it-all’ handyman. Going from house to house fixing random stuff that his boss told him to fix. Before your mind goes to seedy porn stories of horny your ladies that need to get their pipes fixed I will have to disappoint you. Most of his clients were elderly men but also the occasional elderly woman wouldn’t really arouse his roaring manliness. And this is exactly why he had chose this occupation as his job for the last couple of years. He had already burned himself once and he was eager not to repeat it. Of course he was in no way immune to his desires but in this timidly stimulating environment he could manage, or so he thought.

It was the third job of the day. Until now everything was going pretty well. Apart from the hot sun burning on his already tanned face, making his body sweaty and slippery, there were no problems today. He got a nice cup of ginger tea from the lovely old lady who’s pipes he had just fixed. Still refreshed from the tea he started walking to the next house. The house had been empty for some time but he heard someone had finally moved in. He opened the gate and set foot in the garden. The tall cut grass laid moist and steaming in the morning sun as it softly touched his legs while he was walking towards the door. When he reached the door, he rang the doorbell and unknowingly enjoyed the last seconds of his simple life.

The door opened and he nearly had a heart attack. In the doorway he saw the contours of a beautiful young woman. It was still a little bit dark but what he saw was already magnificent. For the first couple of moments all he could see was the bright reflection of her green eyes suspended in the air. After that the milky white rounding of her breasts and buttocks drew perfectly against the shadowy gray background of the doorway.  ‘Pull yourself together man, just do your job’, he told himself while trying to refocus. As neutral as possible he stated his business and asked her where the electrical cabinet was. She turned around to show him where it was. He could now clearly see that there was only a towel covering her otherwise completely naked, and not to mention still soapy, body. A very small towel. As she walked away from him his eyes went down from the heavenly reflection of her back. Down low he observed her oily wet hips as they rhythmically moved with every step she took. Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right. Her movements seemed to hypnotize him ever deeper, awakening his burning sexual desire. He could have lived forever in that moment and he would have been the happiest man alive…. FOCUS, YOU HAVE TO FOCUS, BE PROFESSIONAL GODDAMNIT.

He was trying to resist with everything he had but it was no use. When they finally reached the cabinet he was pretty sure he was managing the situation again. But as he was getting his tools out he could feel and nearly taste her lustful gaze. What was her deal? What did she want from him? Never mind, lets just fix this fucking thing and get the fuck out of here. He turned around to get a screwdriver but the buckle of his pants got caught on the tiny towel she was wearing. In one strong motion the towel was ripped off and he stared deeply into her eyes while she was trying to cover herself. Their eyes were still locked and for a moment he observed the beauty of the subtle blush on her cheeks. His eyes went down and observed every inch of her naked steaming body. This was too much to handle, fuck it.

He grabbed her body and started kissing her neck while softly caressing her breasts. The wet oily skin was sliding between his firm hands when he stopped to touch her nipple. Pulling it a little bit he provocatively looked into her eyes and it was clear a connection was made. Never taking his hands of her body he pulled her closer to consummate their physical union reflecting their tender mental union. Their breaths became deeper and their skin became sweatier. Moist bodies mixing their fluids, moving towards a new found Eden. Their tongues found each other and like a spiral the circular motions started to suck them both in, deeper and deeper. The kissing got more intense. Where it started off as a recon mission it was in full throttle right now. She took off his shirt and observed his sweaty ribbed belly while he gazed at her beautiful breasts.

He lifted up her flexible body and placed her on the kitchen table. He saw her surrendering the final shreds of her monkey mind and started kissing her neck and biting her earlobe. She opened up like a beautiful lotus flower and left her mortal doubts behind. He slowly started moving down, gently kissing the soft moist skin until reaching the dripping wet peach between her legs. Slightly pinching the beautiful pink lips he tasted the first sip of honeydew. He felt the monster between his legs growing as she cried out the first desperate soft moans of what will soon become a roaring cry.

When he felt almost completely liquid and at home in his shrine the temple shook her body. Her hands reaching and her fingers touching. Quickly she unbuttoned his working pants, eagerly searching for the long anticipated strike of lightning. Her tongue found it’s way to the tip and she started sucking it like was going to melt any minute now. Taking it deeper into her mouth she rhythmically turned and twisted the throbbing dick, harder, faster. The whore of Babylon had been unleashed and she found her sanctuary. She looked at the deviant serpent between his legs, crying out ‘take me, take me now’, in her heavenly soft voice. He pushed her back on the table again and started to tease her swollen moist clit with the tip of his penis. While she pulled his legs, pushing her nails into his firm skin he pushed her back against the table.

As he entered her, reflections of soft, synchronized cries started to fill the hot and dampened room. With every succeeding moment the cries became louder, the movements became faster and the room became hotter. Even thought the pouring liquid made the table slippery it was no use. Two bodies, pushing and pulling, destined to fuse, melting together to finally form a whole again. The room was already faded away, the universe consisting of nothing but endless repetitions of this singular moment. The hypnotic rhythm climaxed and as in complete sync both called out a cry that could be heard a thousand miles from here. He grabbed her hips with both his hands and the serpent roared. A stream of delicious poison shot through her body filling every inch of her sanctuary. He fell down and laid his head to rest on her breasts. For a moment there was nothing but void. He was back. He could feel the cool desert air entering his lunges slowing his breath to an almost standstill. He turned towards the sky and watched the stars.

Slowly the vague resembling of a room came back again and he smiled when he saw the utter tranquility on the face of his queen. It all started to come back to him now, he was here for the electrical cabinet. Did he fix it already? Even though what had just happened was the closest to a spiritual experience he had ever come, the unrest was coming back, although different. What just happened here? He was mysteriously smiling but he needed some time to think. ‘I still have some work to do’, he said with a new found peace in his voice. He saw she understood. Blissfully she stood up and went back to the shower. Staring at her magnificent body she turned around one last time and gave him a heartwarming smile before closing the door behind her.

After he had cleaned himself up and fixed the wiring he decided this would not have to be the end and left a note on the kitchen table:

‘Who are you? ☏ 230666023′

By Jim Snijworst