Our version of the thirty shades of pink.

Part 1
It was a hot summer morning. I woke up all wet and sweaty so I headed to the shower
thinking a cold shower would cool me down. As the first drops of water dropped down
on my chest, I felt my nipples getting harder and my body shivering with thrilling
pleasure. I rubbed the oily shower gel on my tender breasts with rounds movements
and felt them getting firmer with every stroke. My lower belly started to get all warm
and fuzzy and I got this moist sensation between my thighs. Suddenly I heard the
doorbell ring. “Who could it be?” I thought with a slight irritation as I was still covered
with oily foam. I hastily reached my hand to grab the towel and hurried towards the
As I started to open the door, I noticed that the towel might have been a tiny bit
too small but I had no time to react as the door already opened. I gasped when I
realized that there was a tall charismatic looking man with big hands standing in front
of me. He was holding a huge, dirty toolkit and I couldn’t help noticing his muscular
arms and chest. His eyes were measuring my body and he kept glancing at my curvy
hips that were barely covered with the small piece of fabric. “Your landlord sent me to
check the isolation of the wirings in your apartment” said the hot electrician with a
deep, strong voice giving me a tingling feeling of excitement. “Where do you want to
check first” I asked. His eyes still hooked on my oily breasts he replied with a husky
voice: “Can you show me your electrical cabinet?”. “Sure” I said, turned around to show
him the way to my kitchen. I felt his eyes on my back descending down to my peachy
and perky, round behind.
I led us to the far and tight corner of the room where the cabinet was situated. As
the man was passing me, I could feel his well formed chest and abs against my slightly
aroused body. When he slid past me, the corner of my towel got caught on the belt
buckle of his worn but clean working pants, leaving me completely naked. I blushed
when I noticed his hungry gaze running through my still wet and steamy body. He was
so near that, I could feel his breath getting faster. He suddenly pulled me towards him
with a firm but gentle grasp. I sensed his hot breath on my neck giving me a warm
feeling in my breasts.
His hands slowly started to inspect my soft and tender body. I felt a slight
hesitation, but I couldn’t resist surrendering to those strong and demanding arms. His
hands were travelling on my oily bum, our breaths became deeper and deeper. His face
kept coming closer to me and I couldn’t help the urge to kiss him. Our tongues slowly
found each other, the rhythm of our kisses got more and more intense. I could feel his
pulsating cock on my sweaty belly getting harder by the second. Magnetized by his
manhood, I started to unbutton his shirt and pressed my wet aroused boobs on his firm
With a sturdy and tender grip, he lifted me up and I felt the need to surrender to
this handsome stranger. He placed me down on the kitchen table and I started to open
his belt buckle and hastily tore down his pants. He started licking the soft skin of my
inner thighs, making his way up with movements that gave me a tantalizing shiver
inside of me. I felt my pussy starting to get all wet and sending hot waves towards my
vibrating belly. His tongue kept exploring my pink blown lips, my thoughts were fading
away, while I became fluid in his firm embrace. The mesmerizing pleasure intensified
with every movement of his tongue. When he then played with his two fingers inside of
me, I was drifting between pleasure and insanity, almost losing my mind. I let myself go
and gave in to the mindblowing orgastic wave that shot through me, making me
scream with pleasure.
Still gasping, I pulled his underpants down and revealed his stiff, majestic
penis. I slid my tongue along his pumping cock, then placed my hands around the base
of it and started to lick the pink top of his dick like a melting ice cream. I felt him gasp
of pleasure as I raised the rhythm of my passionate movements to delight him.
Suddenly he pulled me back and whispered with a raw voice: “I want you so much right
now.” I could feel my pussy heating up even more as he held me and teasingly moved
his penis around my clit. I wanted to feel him inside of me, and was rolling of
anticipation of him finally entering me. “Take me, take me” I panted as I pulled him
closer. He pushed the tip of his penis inside me and moved it slowly back and worth. My
pussy felt still a bit tight, I was moaning as he kept coming deeper in me. Each of his
movement made me dissolve a bit more.
He kept entering me with growing intensity, our bodies attached to each other,
the world was disappearing around us. He firmly turned me on my belly, gently spread
my legs and slowly entered me again. This time wilder and even deeper than before.
His hands caressing my butt, he passionately steered his way inside me. I wanted to
scream of joy as his hard cock kept pounding my sweet secret spots. Our bodies were
melting together, I had the sensation of losing my limits.
His passionate caresses got even wilder, while I felt his fast pacing cock inside
my juicy hole expanding and sending me to a whole new level. He then grasped my
hips with his both hands and as he reached my divine source, he groaned and the
power of his orgasm shot me to another earthmoving climax.
We felt our breaths calming down very slowly as we laid on each other. “I still
have some work to do” he said with a big smile on his face and reached down to his
toolbox. Feeling fluffy, blissful and rather happy about the unexpected but highly
pleasuring turn of the day, I gave him a kiss and headed back to the shower.


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