Mihai Munteanu

Born in an ex-communist industrial paradise my personality has always shifted away from what most would consider my origins, denying the grey points of view, the depressive state of being and the obsessive pragmatism of the past generation.


In my background as a graphic designer shape and color has taken up an extensive part of my artistic alter-ego, up to a point of obsession in regard for contemporary composition architecture and mediums.


Finding no point in denying what basically is my past, being educated in a society such as this, part of my being is standing close to science and the magnetic excellence of mathematical precision.


Transforming organic into mathematical abstractism is something I’ve been playing with for a rather short period of time but with satisfying results. My first full scale project using the geometric mapping with a touch of bright colors to the composition was 18minus exhibition in Cluj-Napoca, February 2014. Dealing with a subject such sex in and out of the pornographical context in such a manner is my journey into bringing together the peak of the organic world, the act of reproduction, in the social use as a distraction, and the base of all mathematic and geometric and also the occult balance, the triangle, the number 3.


The only point of view my work exploits is my own. My current view over a subject of my choice. No philosophical conceptualism. Just sexual joy translated in a manner that is meant to be both new and exciting for the viewer. It’s a “watch and enjoy” kind of show that celebrates diversity and beauty.


Mihai Munteanu