Metaphoric Sex

Metaphoric Sex


Let’s have sex just with words:


I penetrate the virgin pages,

You pervade me till my mind,

I write with full moons on sky,

You write with blue skies and sun,

I get naked of the feelings,

You get me dressed in all strange willings,

I’m hiding in epithets,

You find me through the secrets,

I tear from me to make you one,

You bite the lip when the rime is none,

Let’s have sex in the eyes of all,

Like no writer never did before,

Let’s glue the syllables to mouth,

Let’s whisper them together,

Let’s paint ourselves with lonely letters,

When we can read with both eyelids,

Let’s become one only “us”

Until we won’t be two,

Let’s love only in figure of speech

And get rid of all that’s rich

Because all is so useless

When we know the universe is changing

Hyperboles, inversions, and repetitions,

Metaphors, antitheses and enumerations,

Counting words or alliterations.

Naked E’s are now dancing,

And the iambic rhythim they are hanging,

one only body and two different hearts,

Only one thought revealed to the world,

One only me, one only you…

Are we lost? Tell me no soon.

Again we’re lost?

Tell anything for any sake.

For long the ink has now dried

Our lyrical orgasm it enjoyed

And my poem is now..



author: Fred Fitzgerald Jr.