What keeps us focused and sane. Our fuel, derived from either love, hatred, or so on.


I stand on the brink as I write down these words, drunk, stoned and generally screwed enough to be able to see past the mundane social, economical, political and racial barriers constricting actual human nature on a daily basis from the glory of its true potential.


I gaze out the window, the height of my room more than enough to give me a swift end should I spontaneously choose to jump off the balcony and put an end to a seemingly meaningless consumption of resources.


I do NOT. Instead, I once again open a bottle/can of whatever, extending my drunken state. I embrace the cold night wind and light myself a cigarette, choosing to postpone my end and see what the next day has in store. Why ? Because I choose to fight. For what ? Who knows. Anything I guess. There’s always something worth fighting for in this world. Just look around. If you watch closely enough, and have patience ,you start to distinguish. For as many bad things happening around you, there’s always something beautiful, as simple as it can be, yet go past simple boundaries of beauty. A simple concept taking root in the frame of your mental fabric, a loose string, an idea, as insane, simple, meaningless as it may seem, that gives you, and only you, a reason to keep on going.


We are not beings of ration, or rather…not just that. We base our thoughts, decisions and the better part of our judgment on emotion-driven sprees, rather than ration. Our lucidity is what makes us different, superior, but not by a long shot, what makes us who we are. We are beings of love and hatred, of emotion through and through. Like light and shadow. One cannot exist without the other. The true challenge is to find the balance between them.


The sole purpose of our existence is exploration and discovery of a higher existential status through the procreation and perpetuation of our species.


A human devoid of all this world’s obstacles can simply lay on the grass during the night and gaze at the stars, the sheer complexity of our imagination shaping the very ever-expanding universe around us.


We are forged through blood and flesh to submit to a false pretense, a pathetic excuse for existence, a shade driven over our eyes, blinding us from the truth that is the capacity of what we can do with only devotion and emotion functioning in unison.


Our lives are short, but our spirit more than makes up for the limitations we are forced to face. We are hot-headed fools marching forth to defy the very nature of destiny, shaping it as we see fit for each individual, our only gap to leap across being the short-sighted goons that deem their selfish goals unachievable without mass control over those yet young on the path of discovering the true meaning of their existence, a spark infused in stone that acts as a guide to each and every single individual.


A wretched point of view, disguised, amidst so many crimes. We know. So quickly they subdue. The sky… our fascination carves human lives. There’s something within, beating again. I’ll never find violence inside. It’s taking away, weakness a pray. Fragile within, you are a sin. Feeding on fear, lost but ensnared. Breaking my bones, now I’m alone. – We love someone.”


An early warning sign. We all look for it, most never spotting such in a human lifetime. Only those that know what they want. We give to the world for both the greater good and our benefit. We pass on a portion of a legacy in all possibilities forgotten by most, yet kept alive by one, and passed along to the many.


Our pass to immortality. Memory. The single key that proved to be the answer to our evolution.


Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Noraim Negoita