“Where globalization means, as it so often does, that the rich and powerful now have new means to further enrich and empower themselves at the cost of the poorer and weaker, we have a responsibility to protest in the name of universal freedom.”

-Nelson Mandela

The struggle for the future is always the struggle for the past. If you are old enough, try to remember why you were on the streets 20-30 years ago. You were there to get your freedom. To escape the régime. What you received was though, freedom without solidarity. You received the freedom of a new system, the capitalist system. They call it freedom, but there is no solidarity there. If you ask the people in power about this, the answer you will receive is: It is a mature system. Life is hard and that you must accept. You must accept that socialism was an illusion.  There is socialism for the ones who are rich. If you are poor, then you lose everything. On the other hand, if you are rich, the state will reward you with more money.

There is still struggle. The events that happen around the world now, starting from manifests in Egypt or Brazil up to the Wall Street; these events show there is still struggle and there is still a fight. There is still hope that the population can react and will react in the future, slow but steadily the protest grow, more people attend, but still the solidarity is missing. People who protest are called a threat to democracy. Democracy now cannot deal with economic catastrophes, it cannot control capital.

A revolution is underway now, but at a small level, it cannot be seen unless you search deeply and observe. I think that this revolution can evolve just in parallel with the political crisis that happens all over the world.

Rightwing claims that we have to protect Europe by defending the Christian legacy. What legacy? The core of Christianity is a community of egalitarian believers. And of course now we are all equals right? Defend Europe. Defend a Europe where the power was in hands of people like Le Pen. People who say that change is not possible. But for now what is possible or impossible is hard to say.

Media means try to wipe out this process by using a simple type of alienation, creating false pictures, with stars that have simple ideals. So the working class forgets about the shortcomings, hunger and “buy” what media says. Media says that it will be possible to replace our organs with cloning. Media also the ones that are in power say that we have sexual freedom. We hear more often that soon we will be able to travel to the Moon. But when it comes for us asking for something: ask money for the health care, infrastructure improvement and others they will just say:  “Economically speaking this is not possible so we cannot do it”.

We all know the dangers we are heading to.  Social, ecological, capital catastrophes. We all know. But no one is really serious about them. Maybe now it is time that something will happen, that people take dangers more serious. We should stop living illusions and start building up and search for the cure which can help us come out of misery.

By Max Berger