History Lesson


I am contacting you through the HazelwireTM because I think we are at an important moment in our history right now. Important enough to give you a history lesson. It seems like all these years of fighting between your petty gangs made you forget how it really was. How it really all started. I have been a member of The Rebellion since the beginning and I hope that I can make you realize that things are not always as they seem.

It all started in the late ’00s, the first decade of our new millennium. The years of prosperity were slowly fading and crisis started to arise. The internet bubble had left us for good and the financial system was crumbling. Most people were blinded by the consumerism and the fear of leaving their current, mostly safe life. Even though they were unable to analyze the situation, the crisis was getting worse and more and more people were forced to change. But they were not left without choice. There were those that chose to accept it as faith, think what the television told them to think. Instead of taking action in the moment, they thought it was destiny. It was the will of the universe, that life as we know it would be destroyed. Whether it was the maya-calendar or the i-ching, they were not quite sure but they just knew, it was to be their prophecy. It was the new millennium, a new age, but not a particularly bright one.

This is where Banco Ambrosiano, or ‘para.sol’ as they were called back then, first appeared. The states had been borrowing their money to solve their financial problems but they were unable to pay it back. They were the most corporate influential and richest people on earth: media bosses; conglomerate CEOs; those type of guys. Together they formed a group so they could look after their interests. And they didn’t have a slow start. Not long after the formation they put the state-union on the chopping block. Either they could place their people in the government’s of the two financially worst countries, or they would stop the moneyflow all together. It was clear there was no other option. But it wasn’t until the end of 2012 that the real takeover took place.



People were so crazed by the whole 2012 thing that it was inevitably going to be big, whatever the universe decided to do. When their so called doomsday came they were all fired up and ready to go. At the same time the crisis-riots were at their peak. A lot of people were fired and they had sworn not to take it anymore. They wanted change. They wanted to work again so they could provide for their families. This special mixture of history caused the critical mass to explode. That’s when Ambrosiano offered the state-union a final solution. The state-union was to transfer control of it’s policies and military capabilities to Ambrosiano and they would put in motion a high-tech plan they codenamed
‘Project Aquarius’. It was scientifically proven that this had the highest projected chance of succeeding but the contents of this illusive plan were unfortunately proprietary. Though the state-union thought they faced a tough decision, deep down they knew they didn’t have a choice at all. Most of the riots were already fought off by the private security companies, refusing would just lead to civil war, at best.

Ambrosiano had them in a deadlock. Either they would give up their powers, which would be the end of their reign or the world as they knew it would seize to exist at all. The state-union submitted their power and governments were filled up with Ambrosiano’s people. They took control of the situation and after they set their ‘plan’ in motion it soon became clear that it wasn’t that high-tech at all. It indeed lived up to it’s claim, it succeeded. But that was because they used the, now privatized, army to execute all the rebels. And thanks to their weaponry, which was high-tech, the job was done in matter of weeks.

The 2012 believers weren’t as much of a problem as you might think. Let some guy with a beard say he  miscalculated some things and another bearded guy explain that the Mayas had another dimension of time hidden in the stone’s integral structure or some bullshit and they’ll forget all about it. They had a good party, a nice transition into their new world.
I’m sorry for using you in my history lesson but this is were people like you came into the story. When Banco Ambrosiano took over, everything was regulated by their ‘free market’ system, dominated by their conglomerates. Disillusioned youngsters like yourself, wandering the streets, sick of authority, started forming gangs. At first it was just a juvenile competition but Ambrosiano saw it as a real threat and was sure to crush it at the start. But even they couldn’t beat this. It spread faster through the internet and social media than they could destroy it. And soon it was spiraling out of control. The more force
Ambrosiano used in a desperate attempt to wipe it out, the more they taught the new generation the ways of violence. The gangs were separating themselves from the rest of society more and more, creating their own tribe-like societies. Then it hit a point Ambrosiano had no choice anymore, they were getting caught up in a gangwar they unwillingly created and they didn’t want to be an actual competitor. They made the gangs an offer. They would be able to really separate themselves from society. They would be allowed to build their own society at their own terms. But there was one little catch: while they could have their own space, all the other gangs would reside in a not too distant area.

Blinded by the idea of freedom they accepted and were basically willfully put in ghettos, segregated from ‘decent society’. While it seemed like the freedom they wanted, the gangwars started to heat up quickly. In matter of weeks a full blown gangwar started in their new promised land and violence started to dictate the daily life. Whether it was offline or online, all the gangs thought that they were the answer, the chosen few, and they wouldn’t stop until all the other gangs ( Banco Ambrosiano included) would be assimilated or abolished.

There is no much use in using past tense from here because this is the world that you might recognize as today’s. We are both in the middle of it right now. I don’t have the power to tell you what to do but I’m urging you to take a look at the bigger picture. Reassess. Who are your friends and who are your enemies?

Trust no one. Distrust everything.

– Emmanuel Goldstein