Celebrate the Culture! Ironically!

Even though the term hipster is old enough for it to be retro again, its popularity is far from over. Every day millions of characters are being typed, probably more than half of them on iCares, aiming to ridicule these horrible people. They spill sweat typing online messages proclaiming their just hate of pretension and the despise of misusing the term ‘ironic’. While I understand and agree with all these claims, I can’t help but notice how… literally ironic this whole phenomenon really is.



From what I understand from a minimal literature research and a bunch of life experience is that people who are seen as pretentious are often, just that: seen as pretentious. For the most of it, it is in the eye of the beholder. Even if people at times feel they are better than other people, isn’t that just a character flaw of that person at that particular time? Isn’t it a little bit ironic to conclude that it’s bad for someone to think they are better than others and then directly follow by thinking that this makes you better than them?


But most of the times this isn’t even the case. Most of the time the people you deem pretentious are well aware that their social surroundings can frown upon their behavior. This can have a serious effect on their emotions and thus influence how they present these ‘strange things they like’ to you. Some people might become more shy and quiet, but other people will overcompensate, something that you might experience as pretense.


But why is it even bad think you are better than someone in the first place? It isn’t a moral ‘god given fact’, right? I think it’s bad because it makes the other people feel like they are less. They make you feel alienated towards them. Even if you wanted to connect with this person, it feels like there is a boundary, because if he thinks he is better: he must think you are an asshole. And if someone thinks you are an asshole, then you might as well think he is an asshole. Finally the circle of assholery is complete.


I hope I can escape the same ironic pitfall and thus I will try not to judge those who judge. All I’m really trying to say is that we seem to be pretty much in collective agreement that the hipster archetype, as risen from the depths of the internet, is the asshole we all really hate. But I think if we are honest with ourselves for a second, that we do kind of like aesthetics and the emotions that it communicates, it’s symbols. And I think that is because the editor of that new ‘hipster video clip’ is probably typing a hateful message about hipsters on reddit right now.


Lets all fucking celebrate! Haters and hatees; that we are all the pretentious little fucks that we so ironically despise. We already know what we don’t want, it’s up to us to use these shared values to reconnect and spread some fucking love!!!


by Jim Snijworst