Artist Profile

We at Hayzed are big supporters of new art. We want to provide a platform for
young artists to show their work the way they want it to be shown. The following
pages are created by the artists themselves.

Nude is NOT rude // Irina Gache is an artist from Bucharest, Romania. She got
a lot of attention with her photographic manifesto Nude is NOT Rude, which
stands for the beauty of the human body in the context of censorship and
auto-censorship. Accepting your own nudity is a form of sincerity towards
yourself, which with time will help you see your true natural beauty, not the one
promoted by society. Irina is continuously working on it and also has a the
uncategorized work entitled Random Acts of Solitude.

Keeper of wonderland

Bullets, study for “The Appropriator’s User Guide”// Drawing inspiration
from socio-political questions, Céline Manz works with analogue and digital
photography, performance, collages, film, text and objects. Avoiding the all too
serious media debate, she playfully questions the omnipresence of sexism and
pornography in our visual culture.

“When I appropriate images from the internet I do this because I want to address
a subject very directly; the viewer should recognize the original context of the
images. According to copyright law this is not possible without taking the risk of
being sued. But to make abstracted, legal versions of these images would just
miss the whole point of why I work with appropriated images in the first place.”
(Text by Sarah van Vliet for the “AIR9″ Catalogue)

Celine Manz - Bullets, Studie

Untitled // Erik Luchtenberg’s practice focuses mainly on (self) reflection
within iconic portraiture drawing from documentary photography, aiming to
materialize his ideas on mortality, life, and human interaction. He is a graduate
student from AKI academy for fine arts and design in Enschede.

Erik Luchtenberg - titleless

Paint by Numbers // Kaka and Sjanel met each other during fashion week in
Timbuktu. After talking to Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld, they decided to combine
their creative minds. They haven’t left fashion world ever since! From logo’s till
coloring sheets, KakaSjanel can do anything.

KakaSjanel - Color Plate

They don’t look like my but they’re wearing my clothes // Layla van der
Oord is an artist living in Amsterdam and studying Image and Language at the
Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She writes stories about things that cannot but maybe
should happen in reality, and makes drawings about life and people around her.

Layla van der Oord - They don't look like me but they're wearing my clothes